Hindu Samajam Welcomed Poet and Film Song writer Sri Rajiv Alunkal

Rajeev Alunkal (Malayalam രാജീവ് ആലുങ്കൽ; 1973) is a poet and lyricist in Malayalam. He is best known for writing lyrics on romantic and philosophical themes. Rajeev Alunkal has received the Kalasree Award for 2012 from Kerala Sangeetha Nataka Academy for lifetime achievements as lyricist.[1]

He achieved this award at the age of 39 and nobody has received such an award so far in the history.[2]

Rajeev Alunkal has penned lyrics for songs in about 90 movies, of which a few are worth mention – Vettom, Mallu Singh, Kanaka Simhaasanam, Oru Marubhoomikkadha, Romans, Sound Thoma, Chattakkari, Angry babies, Aamayum Muyalum…

Sri Rajiv Spent more than an hour with the members of Samajam, had an interactive session where members able to know Poets life and his works.

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